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Sport ist Lebensgefühl und wichtiger Lebensinhalt gleichermaßen. Die Bandbreite an verschiedenen Sportarten, Vereinen, Sportevents, Bewegungsparcours aber auch Wanderwegen ist bei uns im Landkreis Deggendorf dabei schier unendlich. Aus der Gesundheitsregion+ ist nun das Projekt Sportregion Deggendorf entstanden, in der sich unsere Heimat von der sportlichen Seite zeigt. Für Jedermann.

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The two main groups are the Cervinae, including the muntjac, the fallow deer and the chital, and the Capreolinae, including the elk, reindeer (caribou), the roe deer, and the moose. Female reindeer, and male deer of all species (except the Chinese water deer), grow and shed new antlers each year.

Cleaning Creeks

A tidal creek is the portion of a stream that is affected by ebb and flow of ocean tides, in the case that the subject stream discharges to an ocean, sea or strait. Thus this portion of the stream has variable salinity and electrical conductivity over the tidal cycle. Due to the temporal variability of water quality parameters within the tidally influenced zone, there are unique biota associated.

Stop fox poaching

Fox species differ in fur color, length, and density. Coat colors range from pearly white to black and white to black flecked with white or grey on the underside. A fox's coat color and texture may vary due to the change in seasons; fox pelts are richer and denser in the colder months and lighter in the warmer months.